About Forever Affection

At Forever Affection, we go the extra mile to create personalized gifts with attention to detail.

What started as a personal hobby has blossomed not only into a business.. but a passion! A passion to create new things! Products that bring joy and happiness!

And isn't that one of the most important things? To smile and make people around us happy?

We pride ourselves on working with highly talented craftsmen, each dedicated to creating Forever Gifts.

We pay close attention to detail, ensuring that you get a beautiful piece that you can be proud of and, most importantly, a gift to your special someone with peace of mind that everything is perfect.

Our goal has always been to build a business that puts quality and customer service at the heart of everything we do. Since 2020, we have helped over 20000 customers overjoy their loved ones through Personalized gifts - with each unique piece lovingly designed by hand.

At Forever Affection, we believe that the best things in life are made with love and care.

Where there is love there is life!

A message from the founders

We are Ivan & Hrisi from Bulgaria, your founders of Forever Affection. Truth be told, we started Forever Affection out of our pure love of giving each other gifts that show we care about each other and reflect our personal stories

"Always together. Never apart. Maybe in distance - but never in heart."

Our gifts story started in that dreadful for all of us year, locked and bored we needed something to entertain ourselves, so we began gifting small "I know you" presents to each otherWhat started as a simple idea that we created for us grew into friends and family wanting to get one for themselves...and that was the start of Forever Affection.That is the message, and I hope Forever Affection can contribute to all of you… (and your i know you). So please don't be a stranger if you have any questions or feedback...

Thank you for being a part of our journey!!! And don't forget that photos are a ticket to a moment otherwise gone... and those tickets are priceless!